1Can I phone or e-mail an order for pick-up?
Of course! The best way to place an order is over the phone or via WhatsApp, but you may also place your order online or via email.
2Do you accept call-ahead orders for same day pick-up?
Yes! Please call no later than 10:00 AM to ensure availability.
3Can I change the flavors of cake on signature cake?
Yes! Cake flavours can be substituted at no charge on any signature cake!
4Do I need to pre-pay?
Yes, all orders must be paid for prior to pick up. Exceptions may be made for same day pick ups and other circumstances.
5Can I order for someone if I live outside the country?
Yes! Surprise your loved ones here in Ghana even if you are not in the country! Payments can be made via Western Union, Moneygram, or Bank of America (US customers only)
6Does Baked GH deliver?
Yes! Baked GH delivers within Accra. The minimum order for delivery is 20gh. Please allow a two-hour time window for delivery.
7What size are the signature cakes, can i get a custom size?
Signature cakes come in a standard 9” medium size. Custom sizes are available but prices will vary.
8I live outside Accra, how do i get a cake?
Unfortunately, we do not offer delivery services outside Accra. A pickup will have to be arranged.
9Does Baked make only cupcakes and cakes?
No! We also make a variety of Desserts, including but not limited to, cheesecakes, cake pops, brownies, donuts and more! We also make hampers for all occasions.
10How do I store my cakes?
We recommend that you store your cakes in the fridge. They can be taken out 30 mins prior to consuming to give it time to come to room temperature and ready to enjoy!
11Do I need to order my cakes in advance?
We recommend that wedding cakes are ordered a month in advance, custom cakes ordered 2-3 days in advance, and signature cakes ordered no later than 5pm the day before needed. Same day cakes may be available for pick up. Please call by 10am to have a cake reserved for you.